Roads and Bridges

Over the years, Minsar has acquired extensive experience in the study, planning, design and implementation of Roads and Bridges. The Engineering Consultancy Services provided includes the Master Plan and Feasibility Study, Traffic Impact Study, right through to Detailed Design and Supervision of Construction.


  • 2nd Bridge of Sg.Miri at Pujut 7, Miri. (5 x 30m, spans). Completed in 1998.
  • 7 nos. R.C Bridges along the Mukah/Balingian Road, Sibu Division for JKR.
  • Bridge over Sg. Balingan and its Approaches, Mukah. Completed in 2007. (RM 40 mil.)
  • Kenyalang Interchange, Kuching. Completed in 2007. (RM 71 mil.)
  • Pujut and Puchong Flyover, Miri. Completed in 2007. (RM 95 mil.)
  • Bridge over Batang Balingian (Total 216m, with 60m main span by in-situ stitching using 40m precast girders).
  • Jalan Song Flyover, Kuching. Works completed in 2013. (RM 58 mil.)
  • River Bridges, Graded Interchanges and Flyover (25 nos. total) for Pan Borneo Highway from Bintulu to Miri . Design completed in 2016.


  • Satok Flyover, Kuching. Completed in 1995. (RM 45 mil.)
  • Improvement of Jalan Palm / Ong Kee Hui, Kuching. Competed in 1996. (RM 20 mil.)
  • Boulevad in Petra Jaya, Kuching. Completed in 1996.
  • Upgrading of Tg. Batu Road (5 km), and a new spur road from coast to BDA, Headquarters, Bintulu (RM 18 mil.)
  • Access Road & Infrastructures Resettlement Scheme for Bakun Dam (RM 250 mil.)
  • Simpang Pulai-Gua Musang Road, Pahang.
  • Upgrade Pujut Tudan-Baram Road to dual carriageway with 2nd Bridge over Sg. Miri, Miri. Completed in 1998 (RM 180 mil.)
  • Sarawak Coastal Road from Matu to Igan (40 km).
  • Sarawak Coastal Road – Sg. Buloh to Sebuyau (27km), and Kg. Gelang to Kg. Sg. Nai, Pulau Bruit (20km).
  • Upgrading of Sarawak 1st Trunk Road from Jalan Betong to Kayu Malam (Package C, 25km). Completed in 2004.
  • Pembinaan Jalan Pusa ke Sessang, Sri Aman, Sarawak.
  • Upgrading of Existing Road from Bintulu Town to Bintulu Airport to Dual-Carriageway. Completed in 2006. (RM 150 mil.)
  • Kuching-Kota Samarahan-Asajaya Expressway (RM 44 mil.)
  • Semariang Riverine Loop Road (Turnkey Project – RM 67 mil.)
  • Jalan Samarahan / Kpg. Ensengel Hulu / Kpg. Sebuyau / Kpg. Lubok Bunting, Samarahan. (RM 66 mil.)
  • Part of new Access Road between Sibu Town and Tg. Manis (Bawang Assan – Seredeng Section), Sarawak (RM 78 mil.).
  • Trans-Asean Road, 32.5km of Dual-Carriageway from pujut to Kuala Baram, including Parallel Bridge at Pujut 7, Miri.
  • Access Road (60km) from Long Lama to proposed Baram Dam site, Miri.
  • Pan Borneo Highway (Upgrading of existing Federal Route 1 to Dual–Carriageway with Graded Interchanges) from Bintulu to Miri (208 km). Works commenced in 2015.
  • Road Linking Mile 32 and Coastal Road, Bintulu for BDA (10km).
  • Upgrading of Existing Bukut Road, Access to Balingian Coal Plant, Mukah (17km).
  • Proposed Nadi and Suva Road Widenings, Fiji (20km).
  • Pan Borneo Highway (Phase 2 – Miri, Limbang and Lawas Section). Design checking Engineer for Road and Bridges.