Studies & Masterplans

Minsar has completed and is currently undertaking major Master Plan and Feasibility Studies in Sarawak. Some of the Projects are as follows:

  • Sibu Traffic Study, Sarawak
    The Traffic Study for Sibu Town was carried out in association with Minconsult Sdn Bhd. A 12 months study to formulate a Traffic Master Plan  for Sibu Town.
  • Integrated Shoreline Management Plan for Miri Division, Sarawak
    The study involves the full 145km and 1.0km Zone of coastline of Miri Division, for the Department of Irrigation and Drainage, Malaysia.
  • Miri Wastewater Management Study, Sarawak
    The Master Plan Study was  carried out by EEC in association with Minsar in 2010.  Minsar was engaged for the detailed design of the Phase 1 implementation in 2015 with a budget of RM 428mil.
  • Master Plan for Isthmus Development, Kuching
    A Master Plan Study was carried out for CMS Properties with detailed Structural Plans for the full development of Isthmus.
  • Master Plan of Offshore Deep Sea Port at Samalaju
    Investigation and Master Plan Study of a Offshore Deep Sea Port at Samalaju for Sarawak Government.
  • Samarahan Central Wastewater Master Plan, Sarawak
    The Study was  carried out for JPPS in 2018.
  • Greater Kuching Regional Development Plan Study
    This extensive  Master Plan Study was prepared for State Planning Unit (SPU), Sarawak, in association with KPMG & Surbana Jurong of Singapore in 2018.