Jurutera Minsar Consult Sdn Bhd was initially established in 1985 in Sarawak as Minconsult (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd. A joint venture with Minconsult Sdn Bhd of Kuala Lumpur was established subsequently to ensure that full staff strength and technical backup could be provided on most engineering projects undertaken by the firm during the initial stages. The firm has been active since its inception and considering the growth of its staff strength and experience gained as an independent consultant firm over the years, the firm was re-structured in 1993.

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Our Experience

Minsar has to-date successfully provided engineering consultancy services to a wide range of projects and has gained extensive and useful experience in the following fields:

  • Commercial & Institutional Buildings
  • Airport Developments
  • Roads and Bridges
  • Hotel, Resorts & Condominiums
  • Infrastructure Works
  • Industrial Developments
  • Marine Works
  • Studies and Master Plans

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